Hey yall!  I have a story to tell all of you Halsey fans.  I'm not a part of this wiki but it is related to Halsey so why not.

So, my dad's cousin (let's call him Joe) is Halsey's tour manager.  My dad's other cousin had just died and we were having a memorial party for her.  So I'm sitting at a table and my dad goes "You know, Halsey might be coming"  and I am just bursting with excitement.  About half an hour later, we look outside and see Joe and Halsey sitting at a table on the balcony.  So I make a Snapchat story about it and later in the night my cousin goes up to her and starts talking.  Then, we had to leave but my dad starts talking to her about the Madison Sqaure Garden concert and stuff.  He introuduces me and my sisters.  So guys,

I met Halsey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 She was so nice and introduced herself as Ashley.  We then hugged and then left.  And that was my story. lol