Thank you for reading this! These rules are important for the outcome of this wikia in general, and you being a member of the Halsey Wikia; meaning please be cautious and follow the rules, or else you'll be banned.

  • Don't personally attack other people on this Wikia, if you've got a problem with somebody private message them and sort it out or inform an admin that they're being offensive towards you.
  • Please do not mess everything up on purpose! We don't want anything looking not tidy. If you accidentally messed up a page, inform an admin and they'll fix it. Don't do it on purpose.
  • Do not put false information on the pages. If you're curious if it's true or not ask an admin and we'll direct you to the correct answer. Everything here is supposed to be truthful and not negative.
  • Don't continuously ask to be an admin. You're allowed to be an admin if another admin gives you that permission, and until then you're not. You have to prove yourself worth and what you can become in this community by being active and following the rules.
  • Age requirement: You have to be thirteen and older to be able to be apart of this wikia due to us being allowed to swear and it being against the rules to have minors (Thirteen and under) on

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