The Badlands Tour is the first headlining tour by American electropop singer Halsey in support of her debut album Badlands.

Set list

Part 2

  1. "Gasoline"
  2. "Hold Me Down"
  3. "Castle"
  4. "Strange Love"
  5. "Haunting"
  6. "Roman Holiday"
  7. "Control"
  8. "Drive"
  9. "Ghost"
  10. "Is There Somewhere"
  11. "Colors, Pt. 2"
  12. "Colors"
  13. "Hurricane"
  14. "New Americana"
  15. "Young God"

Part 3

  1. "Gasoline"
  2. "Hold Me Down"
  3. "Castle"
  4. "Haunting"
  5. "The Feeling"
  6. "Roman Holiday"
  7. "Drive"
  8. "Control"
  9. "Ghost"
  10. "Is There Somewhere"
  11. "Hurricane"
  12. "Coming Down"
  13. "New Americana"
  14. "Young God"


15."Colors, Pt. 2"

16. "Colors"


The tour consisted of a total of 84 shows. The majority of these shows occurred in North America.


  • Throughout the course of the tour, 3 concert venues were upgraded to hold more people.
  • Halsey was accompanied by the bands Oh Wonder and Bad Suns during her final installment of the Badlands Tour.


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